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Keeping Everyone Safe

Dear Parents: One goal I set for the year was to change the societal notion that when you do not feel well, you must power through. You know that “I’m not sick enough to be in bed, but I feel crummy” kind of morning--the one where your symptoms are nothing remarkable, but you wish you could stay home. This is the year that, as a school community, we must work in partnership to shift our culture to “I don’t feel right today, so I’m going to stay home because I want to do my part to keep everyone safe.”

What’s really exciting and rewarding is that I have already seen the change occurring. I have had several conversations with parents who are being abundantly cautious about sending their children to school with a runny nose or cough. Parents have been diligent about contacting the school regarding a child’s absence and calling a pediatrician for advice and counsel. Unfortunately... [ Continue Reading ]

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"I know when our children graduate they will not only have the academic requirements but also the confidence, leadership skills and work ethic needed to succeed in secondary school and beyond." – RWS Parent
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