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It's great when graduates return to Rohan Woods...

It’s always a pleasure when you have an opportunity to reconnect with people. Five years after graduating from Rohan Woods, Paige Wilder and Maria Pace returned to us for the month of May. Paige and Maria are both seniors at Whitfield School where students are required to complete an internship as part of their graduation requirement. We were lucky enough to have them both choose to return to their alma mater, a home in which they immediately felt comfortable. Paige and Maria rotated their attention between our science program and Junior Kindergarten so that they could experience various developmental levels. These graduating students have their sites set on working with children either in an educational setting or private practice.

The first day the girls began their internship, they were flooded with memories of their time within our walls. They recalled traditions that... [ Continue Reading ]

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Rohan Woods School, a leading, private elementary school in St. Louis, provides a challenging and engaging academic program, fostering personal responsibility, leadership and respect for all in a collaborative community that cherishes, encourages and prepares every child.

"I know when our children graduate they will not only have the academic requirements but also the confidence, leadership skills and work ethic needed to succeed in secondary school and beyond." – RWS Parent