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Professional Development includes Industry Leaders

Professional development is a huge part of the Rohan Woods experience. Faculty and staff take part in hundreds of hours of professional development each year. Some opportunities center around curriculum instruction and methodologies, while others focus on developing the whole child.

This week, Kristin Seymour, an advanced practice nurse who is board certified specializing in ADHD, provided an interactive session with Rohan Woods faculty and staff to share strategies to better the lives of our students. Kristin works alongside Dr. Ned Hallowell, a world renowned, Harvard educated psychiatrist who is an authority on ADHD. Kristin talked with the faculty, answering questions and providing research. We are so very fortunate that Kristin had the time to spend with us as she works with hundreds of children and their families all over the United States.

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Rohan Woods School, a leading, private elementary school in St. Louis, provides a challenging and engaging academic program, fostering personal responsibility, leadership and respect for all in a collaborative community that cherishes, encourages and prepares every child.

"I know when our children graduate they will not only have the academic requirements but also the confidence, leadership skills and work ethic needed to succeed in secondary school and beyond." – RWS Parent