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On occasion, I have the privilege of serving as a substitute teacher when there’s a last minute need. I enjoy interfacing with the kids in the classroom, as it reminds me of the importance of connections and learning. This past week I spent a few hours with the Middle School students. They had smiles on their faces when I told them they were “stuck” with me for English and Social Studies instruction that day.

As I taught these pre-teens, I was struck by how serious they are about their studies. Not that they demonstrated stress, but more so, the intrinsic motivation to do their very best. The English concepts were not easy – indefinite pronouns and double negatives, but they were “all in” as they independently applied the concepts.

I also had the opportunity to get personal feedback on their journey to Yosemite National Park. This was a new adventure for us, so I was... [ Continue Reading ]

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Rohan Woods School, a leading, private elementary school in St. Louis, provides a challenging and engaging academic program, fostering personal responsibility, leadership and respect for all in a collaborative community that cherishes, encourages and prepares every child.

"I know when our children graduate they will not only have the academic requirements but also the confidence, leadership skills and work ethic needed to succeed in secondary school and beyond." – RWS Parent