Learning in the Real World


Each year, Rohan Woods offers an experiential trip for our Fifth and Sixth Grade students. Along with faculty, they take a rotating educational trip of a lifetime to see the world outside the classroom and apply academic learning and leadership to real world experiences.

Located in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada, the Huntsman Marine Biology Centre offers students a first-hand look at coastal shores and how to achieve sustainable development and effective management of these amazing natural resources. The Centre is located at the mouth of the Bay of Fundy, perfectly situated to access one of the world’s most biologically productive ecosystems. This trip traditionally taken in even years provides an important science interface used to complement the science curriculum to access and understand the amazing life in the ocean. While at the Centre, students study sea stars, feed stingrays, and go on a whale-sighting expedition.

Located just outside Cortez, CO, Crow Canyon allows Rohan Woods students the opportunity to participate in authentic archaeology and anthropology of the ancestral Pueblo people. While there, the young scientists immerse themselves into seven very full days of archaeology and anthropology by learning, researching and re-enacting the lifestyles, history and culture of the Ancestral Pueblo people. Their newfound skill sets include; learning to hunt by using an atlatl, throwing a spear or aiming a curved hunting stick, how to sustain a family through dry farming, grinding corn, and making a fire using only two sticks and a stone. Through hands-on opportunities, and field study observations, students experience the environmental wisdom of ancient astronomy, architecture and pottery of the Pueblo culture in America. Students are amazed at the immense amount of information they learn in one week by actual immersion and interdisciplinary exploration of Ancestral Pueblo people, science and life.

Here is what a current RWS 6th Grade parent had to say after a Secondary School visit:

"My daughter had a great visit at John Burroughs today---she sat in on a 7th grade math class and a 7th grade science class and was thrilled that she understood and recognized the material they were covering in those classes. That made me very happy to hear, too; she is definitely being challenged at Rohan Woods!" – RWS Parent