Second Grade


In Reading, the Second Graders at Rohan Woods use whole-group and individualized instruction to deepen their understanding of various story elements: predictions, characters, setting, problem, solution, and main ideas. The students also learn to recognize an author's purpose: to entertain, inform, or persuade. Second Graders become more independent in their reading, fluency, and comprehension skills through both fiction and non-fiction works at the students' individual level. Students spend time comparing and contrasting, distinguishing between fact and opinion, fantasy and fiction, and cause and effect.

Math instruction at the Second Grade level consists of understanding and applying what makes up a number which is transferred into the four main algorithms of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Students will add and subtract with regrouping up to three digits. They work on comparing fractions, identifying plane and solid shapes, measuring, counting money and making change, solving word problems, and explaining their work.

In Social Studies, the students travel the world exploring the geography of all seven continents. As they learn more about the landforms and bodies of water of these continents, students then turn their focus to studying, in-depth, various countries. Your child will learn about the culture, customs, wildlife, people, and daily life of these places. Students apply their map skills to read maps and locate information. Integrating literature and Time for Kids: Around the World issues enhance their understanding of the world in which we live.

The Second Graders work on their leadership skills daily. They are excellent role models and set a great example for their Pre-Kindergarten buddies. In the classroom, our “Student Teacher” shares our morning announcements, leads the Pledge, and takes the lunch count. During special classes with the First Graders, the Second Graders work on being strong leaders for their younger peers.



Distinctive Qualities and Leadership