Physical Education


The Rohan Woods School physical education program is designed to promote a sense of personal and social responsibility along with individual success. The program is sports oriented, especially team sports, focusing on learning and following the rules of the games. Emphasis is on physical skills, body movements, and balance with the younger children. Students in Third through Sixth Grades are more involved in team sports which include competition with other independent schools. The sports include soccer, flag football, floor hockey, basketball, track and field and baseball. Good sportsmanship is strongly emphasized. Games are adapted to encourage individual success by all children. The gymnasium and large playing field enable children to stretch their physical abilities as far as possible in all activities.

Lunch League (grades 3-6):  Our intramural program is lead by Sixth Grade captains, and all Third through Sixth Graders are invited to play during recess. Captains select teams, manage players and lead their teams on the field. Players enjoy the camaraderie of students in other grades as they learn the fine arts of sportsmanship, leadership and competition. We play soccer, flag football, team handball, floor hockey, basketball, volleyball and baseball.

Athletics Program (grades 3-6):  Our after school Inter-Scholastic Athletics Program is an opportunity for our students to showcase the skills they've developed in class by participating in games, meets and tournaments. Several St. Louis Independent Schools compete with Rohan Woods in soccer, flag football, floor hockey, basketball, and track and field. Children who would like to participate are encouraged to give their best in competition guided by sportsmanship and the love of play. RWS Eagles learn how to accept winning and losing and to appreciate the joy of an afternoon with family and friends cheering us on!