The Information Literacy Skills Curriculum at Rohan Woods School provides students with learning experiences that enable them to:

  • Become efficient at locating, evaluating and reporting information
  • Improve their literary and overall academic achievement
  • Learn about and pursue their interests
  • Achieve success in our information-savvy society
  • Have exposure to high-quality literature and other forms of written expression

    Early Childhood Program - Senior Kindergarten

    Students are introduced to library procedures. They select and check out materials on a routine basis. Story time and read-alouds facilitate an awareness of the joy of literature as well as spark their imaginations.

    Grades 1 & 2

    Students continue mastering the previous goals as they become more independent in the library. They have open access to the library as individuals and in groups. They work on locating books of interest independently and using alphabetical order. Students begin to use reference materials and electronic resources.

    Grades 3 through 6

    Students review library procedures and continue to select and check out materials on a regular basis. Students are introduced to using technology to gather information, the Dewey decimal system, the online catalog, reference tools and Internet resources. They are given research assignments that require them to locate information from more than one source. Students begin to critically evaluate what they have read, reviewed and heard. Students begin to develop their understanding of intellectual property rights. Book talks introduce your child to new materials and award books to encourage an appreciation of literature.