Foreign Language


The Lower School Foreign Language Program offers instruction in Spanish for students in Early Childhood through Third Grade. The Sym-Talk method, which is based on the use of symbols to represent vocabulary, enables students to quickly construct sentences. This is a vertical, comprehensive curriculum that emphasizes true student interaction with the language during class to facilitate oral communication. Cultural lessons enhance the language instruction, giving lower school students an appreciation of the rich diversity of the Hispanic community.

Students in Fourth Grade and Middle School receive Spanish instruction via the Middlebury Interactive Language's elementary courses offering the opportunity to explore and discover Spanish in an engaging, interactive and self-paced on-line environment. Designed specifically for elementary students, Rohan Woods provides an age-appropriate foundation for your child, with an emphasis on appreciation for language and a diverse culture.



Meet Vonna Despotis
Spanish Specialist - Early Childhood through Third Grade

Vonna Despotis delivers Spanish instruction for students in Early Childhood through Second Grade. Vonna has Missouri certification in Spanish K-12 and a Masters of Education, a BS in Spanish Education and a BA in Spanish Language. Vonna has been a part of the faculty at the Spanish Clubhouse in Kirkwood for the past nine years. Vonna looks forward to the students acquiring Spanish skills.

Meet Sara Kruger
Spanish Specialist - Fourth Grade through Middle School

Sara Kruger manages the Middlebury Interactive Language Program which is an online instructional Spanish program. She started in 2015 at Rohan Woods with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Elementary Education.

Distinctive Qualities and Leadership