Experiencing Art

For the past eight years, Rohan Woods School has partnered with the Modern American Dance Company (MADCO) to offer an Artist in Residency experience. This creative and comprehensive program combines literature, history, math, dance, music, art, physical education and character education to provide students with a multi-disciplinary approach to learning. MADCO artists work with Rohan Woods to assemble a team that consists of the classroom teachers and specialty teachers.

Classroom teachers complete a selected book as a read aloud with students. After the reading is complete, MADCO dancers enter the scene to help bring abstract images from the book to life through movement. MADCO artists provide 10 sessions with students helping them create movement compositions based on the selected reading. The residency culminates with a performance that showcases the music, art, creative writing and movement created by the students. MADCO’s professional dancers also perform a piece based on the book at the performance.

Distinctive Qualities and Leadership