The art program at Rohan Woods School has a comprehensive approach. Students are exposed to all facets of art which include not only studio production but art history, art criticism and aesthetics. Students come to understand that to create their own art, they need to have an understanding and knowledge of other artists and cultures. Starting as early as Junior Kindergarten (age 4), students are introduced to a plethora of art movements from Prehistoric and Impressionism to Modern and Contemporary. Classes actively engage in art discussions and critiques applying appropriate vocabulary.

Students are exposed to many mediums throughout the year. Drawing, painting, fiber art, printmaking, sculpture and ceramics are all part of the robust art program. Research and writing are a part of the program as well. First Graders look forward to studying about Chinese New Year and taking part in the annual Dragon Parade. Third Graders are introduced to the folk art from Oaxaca Mexico and practice painting techniques specific to the art of that region. Fifth Graders create Kachinas to showcase at an all school assembly in the spring.

By Sixth Grade, students have received several years of specific instruction in technique along with multiple opportunities to practice the skills. This allows students to create wonderful works of art. Their art education culminates in a final Ceiling Tile project in which your child selects and researches an artist, practices public speaking with a slide presentation featuring the artist and creates a reproduction of one of the chosen artist's pieces on a ceiling tile to be left as a legacy to the school.