Our Board

Rohan Woods School, like most private elementary schools, is a 501(c)3/not-for-profit institution. As such, our school is governed by a Board of Trustees which bears the fiduciary responsibility for the organization. Our Board consists of current parents and parents of recent graduates and carries a strong commitment to the hallmarks of the School, including its small student body, its personalized, challenging academic program, and its commitment to developing student leadership.

In support of the mission and those educational attributes, the Board carries out Long-Range Planning, Budget Overview, and Fundraising. Board rotation is governed by internal by-laws, which also encourage the strongest possible working relationship with the Head of School.

Officers and members of the 2017-2018 Board of Trustees:

  • Scott Rhodes - President
  • Mark Newcomb- Vice President
  • Valerie Hoffmann- Secretary
  • Jeff Downes- Treasurer
  • Steve Chamberlin
  • Jesse Lehnhoff 
  • Amy Lottes
  • Sam Templin-Page; Head of School, ex-officio
  • Valerie Hoffmann - Parents’ Association President, ex-officio