News and Events

Why do we have our School Tour Day on a School Day?   We want you to experience --first hand --what a day is like at Rohan Woods School.   

You'll see the activities and interaction between students and teachers as you walk through the school. 

Join us for our Winter Wonderland Camp.  For more information --and to print a copy of the registration form,   CLICK HERE  or call 314-821-6270. 

We will decorate tasty treats, create Holiday Arts & Crafts, and celebrate our New Year's Eve.   --Space is limited--.  

Help our school put GIVING into the GIVING SEASON! Support our Rohan Woods School Annual Food Drive. The Food Drive will run from Monday Nov. 18 through Friday Dec. 13. The Craig Elementary Community Food Pantry needs food right away --so when boxes become full, we will send over the donations. THANK YOU for your help with our Food Drive. 

The December Calendar and Menu are available online.  CALENDAR    December Menu

And the link to our ⛄ Winter Wonderland Camp Registration Form ⛄