Graduate Success

Our ultimate goal of achieving a family experience at Rohan Woods establishes a comfort zone that catalyzes the desire to learn, while fostering the development of the whole child. Although, strong academics are essential, so too are strong minds guided to make the right decisions. We are impressed with our alumni on their secondary school and collegiate matriculation success. So please forgive us if we have to boast a bit, but we are so very proud of our alumni. We recognize that it's the student who does all the hard work, but we like to think that the RWS commitment to their success had just a little to do with it.


Congratulations to the Class of 2018!
100% Acceptance into their First Choice Secondary Schools!

Secondary School Acceptance

Chaminade College Preparatory 
John Burroughs School  (3)
Thomas Jefferson
Visitation Academy
Whitfield School   (2)

Colleges attended by recent Rohan Woods students

Westminster College
Boston College
Bradley University
Colgate University
Saint Louis University School of Nursing
University of Kansas

"My daughter had a great visit at John Burroughs today—she sat in on a 7th grade math class and a 7th grade science class and was thrilled that she understood and recognized the material they were covering in those classes. That made me very happy to hear, too; she is definitely being challenged at Rohan Woods!" – RWS Parent

Distinctive Qualities and Leadership