About Rohan Woods


At first glance, there are a lot of great schools in the St. Louis area. Some, almost regal by reputation. Others unique in their own right, with each upholding its own philosophy of the ‘proper’ way to teach and learn. As you begin your search for the perfect fit, the differences start to take shape, and your choices begin to narrow.

While you appreciate the achievements of the top-name schools, you believe there’s more to education than a merit badge. As you look at the other schools and parse differences in approach, you see that most are strong academically. But you believe there’s more to learning about life than cracking the books. And more than the aesthetics and location of the facility itself. So your choices narrow further.

Then you find a school that compromises nothing as it embraces the one aspect of education that no other school can or cares to pursue. A place where a sense of family is as important as a report card. Where children can find and explore the natural leader within each of them. And where a deeper kind of learning is the happy result.

It is a place where children feel comfortable and are encouraged to reach boldly for their dreams. Where every child’s independence is celebrated, not extinguished. Where people are proud in spirit, but humble in action.

And your choice narrows to one … Rohan Woods.

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