Fourth Grade


“What makes a great book?” is the essential question we ask students as they uncover the many different genres of literature in Fourth Grade reading curriculums. Students read new literature as well as timeless classics as avenues to answer this essential question. Fourth Grade students are able to use their self-confidence to hone their presentation skills in projects that require both writing and speaking about the literature they are reading.

Fourth Graders study the State of Missouri in the Social Studies curriculum that asks questions like, “Are modern civilizations here now more civilized than ancient ones?” and, “Is bartering still a valuable way to obtain goods?” During the process of learning about these cultures and historical periods, as well as modern-day government, students create their own unique classroom city. Making decisions involved in creating a city enables them to discover how specific decisions by government and businesses affect everyone in the community.

The Mathematics curriculum used in Fourth Grade further stimulates problem solving and increases mental math ability. Different algorithms are used to solve multi-digit addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Geometry is introduced and elementary algebraic concepts are presented on a regular basis using a variety of hands-on activities.

Being a part of the upper school allows Fourth Graders to take on a more advanced leadership role. Students guide their younger buddies in classroom activities and lessons.


Distinctive Qualities and Leadership