Middle School - Reading, Language Arts and Social Studies


Middle School equips students as they start their journey to become independent thinkers and learners. A wealth of organizational and study skills are modeled across the curriculum. With this independence comes responsibility. Students prepare for leadership roles through their interactions with faculty, their support of younger students, their team participation in PROJECT and their coordination of the school recycling program.

In Language Arts, students use Writer’s Workshop to move through the process of drafting, self-editing, peer-editing, revising and finally completing a polished piece. The Language Arts curriculum focuses on the study of grammar and punctuation and everyday application of these skills.  Oral and written communications are taught in tandem and prepare students to speak and write for a variety of audiences and using a number of genres.

The Social Studies curriculum focuses on a variety of topics in American History. Students study the Colonial Period during first trimester, the American Revolution during second trimester, and the Civil War during third trimester. During the alternate year, the focus shifts to early civilizations of the world and the birth of Western ideas.  Students practice seeking critical information from various sources as they learn the basis for world civilizations and explore the birth of Western ideas.  

The Reading Program is literature-based and emphasizes understanding of the standard literary tools including: main idea, supporting information, conclusions, inferences, compare and contrast, plot and character development. Students complete a variety of activities to demonstrate their understanding. They respond to their reading through writing prompts, activities and discussions. Students engage in independent reading, both at school and home, in order to master the skills taught.



Distinctive Qualities and Leadership