Middle School - Mathematics and Reading


Middle School prepares students for continuation to secondary school. Students are supported as they navigate their way through leadership projects and independent learning using one-to-one iPad instruction.

In Mathematics, solving realistic problems strengthens critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Skills and confidence grow through engaging lessons, small group activities and use of technology. They explore problem solving using the Singapore Math approach. Students are introduced to a variety of ways in which to solve real world challenges in order to strengthen their critical thinking skills. New, more sophisticated concepts are related to past concepts and experiences. Skills and confidence grow through engaging lessons and activities.

The Reading Program is literature-based and emphasizes understanding of the standard literary tools of main idea, supporting information, conclusions, inferences, comparison and contrast, plot and character development. Students complete a variety of activities through which they demonstrate their understanding of the development of plot, character and themes. They respond to their reading through writing prompts and discussions. Students engage in independent reading, both at school and home, in order to master the skills taught.


Distinctive Qualities and Leadership