Middle School - 5th and 6th grades

Middle School instruction is an important culmination to the Rohan Woods' experience. While students have gained academic skills all through their tenure at the school, Middle School is the time to practice, gaining autonomy and fluency surrounded by faculty who cares. Students gain confidence in all academics and practice the use of individual strategies for concept acquisition, study skills and note taking.  

The leadership instruction is of utmost importance to these budding adolescents. Students gain a true understanding of the characteristics leaders possess and practice them in real time, during the day, at sporting events and especially when traveling on our week-long science excursion.  


In past years -- during the month of September,
the Middle School students go on a one-week
learning adventure alternating each year between
Cottonwood Gulch in New Mexico and
Huntsman Marine Science Centre in Canada. 
Due to COVID-19, we are modifying this
learning experience for 2020.