Junior Kindergarten


The full day Junior Kindergarten Program emphasizes a developmental approach to learning. We focus on pre-reading and pre-math activities, which are addressed through our accelerated curriculum. Our small class size and low teacher-pupil ratio allows each child to progress at his or her own pace. Special activities include a language based reading and writing program, creative and developmental art activities, and a Social Studies curriculum that allows your child to explore and discover the world. Even at such a young age, our Junior Kindergarteners are introduced to the idea of being a good leader in our community.

We also provide many opportunities for your child to engage in creative play and benefit from the social skills necessary for success through cooperative learning activities. The Junior Kindergarten curriculum builds on our Early Childhood and Pre-Kindergarten curricula and flows into the Senior Kindergarten program, providing the child with a comprehensive four-year early childhood education. Our Junior Kindergarten students are enthusiastic and engaged learners, positive about school, demonstrate high self-esteem and possess balanced and strong self-concepts.



Distinctive Qualities and Leadership