When comparing the Rohan Woods tuition to other schools, remember that Rohan Woods includes nearly all the associated costs of your child’s education in our tuition rate.  In many other schools - lunch, technology, books, school supplies and before care can easily account for $1,000 or more in additional fees - over and above the advertised tuition cost.  

Rohan Woods School focuses on maintaining affordable tuition for our families with the planning and support of the Board of Trustees so that we are able to deliver to you and your family a continually improving experience at the most efficient cost structure possible.  

Also, we want to make independent education accessible. Every year many families qualify for financial aid.  In the academic year 2017-2018, 22 percent of Rohan Woods families were allocated funding for tuition assistance.   Click here for more information.

The Rohan Woods School Board of Trustees approved the following tuition rates for 2018-2019:

Pre-Kindergarten - Sixth Grade  (full time)                                   $18,900

Early Childhood (EC) Age 2, Pre-Kindergarten and Junior Kindergarten offer 
Flexible Full Day and Half Day options with tuition ranging from $466 per month to $18,400 per year

EC  2 half days per week               $479/mo         $4311/school year
       5 half days per week             $1017/mo         $9153/school year
       5 FULL days per week         $1815/mo       $16335/school year

PK  3 half days per week                                    $6720/school year
       4 FULL days per week                              $16076/school year

JK  4 full days per week                                    $16076/school year
       5 full days (Fulltime)                                  $18900/school year