Physical Education Updates Archive

Team Building begins the P.E. school year

Students in Physical Education class are starting the year off with team building games. 

Students during the team building unit are playing cooperative games to enhance their teamwork and communication skills while setting the tone for a fun, safe school year! Students are playing games such as "Hungry Hungry Hippos", "Caterpillar", "Ants on a Log" and "Pass it Over". Students in 5th/6th grade took a trip to the Principia outdoor challenge course where they participated in rope and rock climbing activities in addition to doing group trust challenges. Students in each grade level are also learning how to do the daily movement warm up at the start of class. Physical Education students are excited to get the year started with fun heart healthy movement games!




Track Meets and Spring sports complete third trimester P.E.

The third trimester in P.E. class has included many spring sports and two field trip track meets!

Students in physical education class have had several team sports units to help wrap up the school year. Students had a baseball unit that included working on hitting, catching and fielding skills. They also participated in a lacrosse unit which included skills of scooping ground balls, shooting and passing. Younger students played variations of kickball while grades third through sixth grade played kickball in lunch league. Students in third and fourth grade attended the Principia track meet while fifth and sixth grade attended the Priory track meet. Students participated in events such as high jump, long jump, sprints, distance and relay runs. 

Heart Health Awareness month in P.E.

Students in P.E. are working extra hard this month to celebrate heart health awareness month! 

Students in P.E. are working extra hard this month to celebrate heart health awareness month! Students are completing their basketball unit and beginning a volleyball unit. The basketball unit included skill based games to improve dribbling, shooting and passing. Students learned basketball games they can play at recess or at a playground outside of school as well. Middle school students are playing basketball in after school games and just competed in the Chesterfield Day School tournament winning two games! The volleyball unit is including skills to help work on being able to bump, set and serve. Students are also playing this game during lunch league recess. Pre-School students are working on their striking and dribbling skills. They are also using equipment such as bean bags and ribbon wands to play cooperative games.


January P.E. news

Students in Physical Education class are enjoying the floor hockey unit!

Students in P.E. class are learning hockey skills in the floor hockey unit. PreSchool aged classes are using beginner hockey sticks to practice proper grip and way to hold a stick. They are learning basic fundamentals such as passing, dribbling, and shooting. 1st through 6th grade students are learning different types of shots such as backhand, forehand, wrist shot and snap shot. Students are playing hockey lead up games such as line hockey, hockey bowling, scooter hockey, four goal hockey and broomball. 3rd through 6th graders are playing floor hockey during lunch league recess. 5th and 6th grade are playing hockey games after school against other independent school teams as well as hosting a floor hockey tournament at Rohan Woods on February 2nd. Middle schoolers are learning the roles of different positions in hockey including, goaltenders, defense and forwards.  Middle schoolers are learning team concepts such as zone clearing and dump and chase. They are working hard preparing for the floor hockey tournament in which six schools will visit Rohan Woods. 

December P.E. News

Students are doing archery and roller skating during lifetime health and wellness units. 

Students during archery class learned safety and shooting techniques using compound and stringed bows.  They learned the 11 steps for archery success according to the National Archery in Schools Program or N.A.S.P. Students had the opportunity to improve their accuracy using target boards and also trying to strike balloons with their arrows.  They learned about the difference between bow hand and draw hand.  Currently students are working on roller skating through the Skatetime program. Students are working on balance, stride, forwards, backwards, crossovers and stopping. This is a great cardio-vascular activity that promotes lifelong health and physical activity!


Physical Education November news

Students are playing team handball and learning new fitness skills!

Students have begun their team handball unit. They're working on throwing, passing, and catching. They are also working on shooting the handball ball into the goal past a goalie as well as dribbling skills. They're doing dribbling drills which work on low, medium and high level dribbling while maintaining ball control and keeping their heads up. Lower grade students are working on scooters and pathways.  Games on the scooters include "Scooter Treasure Hunt" and "Scooter Pinball". All grades also got to take a few days to play some Halloween themed P.E. games which tied in fitness skills. Games included "Witches Hat Tag", "Ghost and the Gravestone", and "Pumpkin Patch Races". Students had a spooky fun time! Other upcoming fall activities include lacrosse and some international games such as Tchoukball. 


Physical Education October News

After school sports and Read Right Run begin!

Students in Senior Kindergarten through Sixth grade Physical Education class have just completed their soccer unit!

Students are getting the opportunity to use the skills they've been working on by playing structured games during lunch league recess as well as in after school sports in the Independent Schools league. Students are building up their running endurance during our hit the ground running warm up to start P.E. class.

Students are also getting the opportunity to run during after school Read Right Run/Running Club which began in September and continues through October. Students are challenged to run 26 miles, read 26 books, and do 26 good deeds over the course of the program.

During the Month of October students in P.E. will be learning flag football skills such as throwing, catching, receiver routes, hiking the ball and safety for pulling flag belts.  Students in Early Childhood, PK, and Junior Kindergarten are continuing to develop their movement skills as well as their throwing and catching skills. 


Physical Education September news

Students in Physical Education using team building to get the year started off right!

Students in Physical Education classes have been participating in team building games to build rapport with classmates. Students have been playing cooperative games and are being challenged to develop their leadership skills while gaining an understanding of what a good teammate is.  Students have been showing great sportsmanship while playing games; such as, hula hut throw-down, hula hoop candyland, hungry hungry hippos and ants on a log. Middle School students have been introduced to a new fitness warm up which uses stations to work different core muscles while practicing varying exercises in small groups.  Early Childhood and Pre-Kindergarten classes have been playing games to help them become aware of their surroundings along with personal space and body awareness. Students in those ages are playing throwing games, hula hoop games and tag games which help them develop their locomotor body movements and motor skills. Activities for JK-4th grade include Oscar the Grouch, Space Invaders,,The Pin Game, Goalie Ball and many team building ice breaker activities.  Students in 3rd grade-Middle School are also preparing for their fall after school sports season and lunch league play. The sports played during these sessions will be soccer and flag football. 




Exciting start to the year in Physical Education Class!

Exciting start to the 2018-2019 year in Physical Education Class!

We have an exciting start to the school year in Physical Education class! Students will return to P.E. class working on many new skills. You will participate in numerous team building games to help develop teamwork and cooperative skills. Also, new units to kick off the school year include--an international games unit and a yard games unit to help build lifetime wellness skills.  


Students conclude the school year with track and field and frisbee games!

Students concluded the school year with track and field games as well as frisbee games!

Students worked hard in their track and field unit. Grades 3rd-6th competed in two out of school track meets setting many personal records.  Students in all P.E. classes learned a great game for the summer...frisbee! Frisbee skills taught included throwing, catching, accuracy, and grip with different kinds of frisbees. Students played ultimate frisbee, can jam, and disc golf in addition to skill games. Students also got prepared for the end of school year field day event! Have an active summer!


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