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Project in Middle School

As we begin another year exploring for Project, we completed a lesson in representational drawing.  We are teaching the children to pay closer attention to the details in the world around them.  If you were asked to draw the front and back of a one dollar bill, could you do it?  What details have you noticed on an item that you have handled numerous times? The students first took the challenge to try to draw the front and back of a dollar bill from memory.  

After completing the first task, they were each given a one dollar bill to draw the front and back in greater detail.  They were fascinated by all of the details that they have never noticed.  We talked about the different parts of the bill and began exploring the purpose of the various numbers printed on it.  We are looking forward to digging deep into money and the economy for our Project! 


Congratulations to the Fifth and Sixth Graders for an excellent completion of the school year!  In addition to finishing regular end of the year items, the students worked together towards an excellent culmination for Project.  After visiting the St. Louis Science Center to learn what makes an informational display, the students created their own.  After extensive research on their chosen nutrition topics, students were prepared to open the Rohan Woods Nutrition Museum.  Parents, students and staff had the opportunity to tour the museum, learn about nutrition and complete a survey.

Finally, we would like to congratulate our Sixth Graders after completing their personal speeches at graduation.  We wish you the best of luck at your secondary schools!

Spring is in the air!

Birds are chirping in the garden behind our classroom, the sun is shining; you can feel the hint of Spring both outside and in the Middle School classrooms!  Middle School students are filled with excitement over coming events including the conclusion activities for our reading of Island of the Blue Dolphins, Pi Day on March 14 (3.14), a field trip to the St. Louis Science Center to conduct research for our Nutrition Project and Spring Break at the end of the month.

As we finished second trimester, the Fifth and Sixth Graders took time to reflect on how they have grown during the first part of the year and what goals they have for the remainder of the 2018-19 year. 

Students completed rubrics and written reflections of their accomplishments and areas for growth after our recent Single Stream Recycling Project.  They were proud of their professional presentations for parents, teachers and other Rohan Woods students.  They will apply these skills to our next Project, always striving to do better.  We are looking forward to a wonderful conclusion. 

Thank you for your continued support of learning and growing at RWS!

January 2019

2019 brings great energy and enthusiasm for new goals and the end of the school year in sight.  Students came back from Winter Break ready for learning and growing! We began our month with a wonderful snowstorm that provide the children a great source of entertainment during recess!

We have begun a new book during our literature study time.  We are reading a Newbery award winning historical fiction, Island of the Blue Dolphins, by Scott O'Dell.  This classic is always enjoyed by students.  We will be reading together and completing activities that correlate to to the story.  In math, the students are progressing through our lessons and problem solving practice.  Every student set new year goals to improve accuracy and endurance through difficult problems.  


middle school students are most excited for their Project Culmination in January.  They will be presenting what they have learned about Single Stream Recycling to other students, the faculty and their parents.  This goes well beyond how to sort your recycling.  They have learned about sorting machines, recycling centers, exporting issues with purity of product, etc.  They are well informed and ready to apply this knowledge to help our improve the environment.

Thanks for your continued support of learning every day at Rohan Woods!

November 2018

October was full of excitement and learning!  Middle School students worked together to prepare for the end of first trimester on November 9th.  They have been using their critical reading skills to research our current Project, Single Stream Recycling.  Working in groups, students have been learning more about recycling including: which local cities offer it, what happens in sorting centers, what type of technology is used to sort recycling, what are the problems with single stream recycling, what is the future of this process, what are people doing wrong in recycling, how does recycling help our planet, what can we do better, etc.

We were fortunate to have expert presenters visit our class to give tell us more and answer our questions.  One was from Waste Management and the others were from Scott Air Force Base.  Students have a lot of new information to continue working towards culmination where they will share what they have learned with our school community.

Congratulations to all students for demonstrating growth during first trimester of this school year.  They are well on their way to becoming leaders and contributing members of their communities.  Way to go!

October 2018

Middle School students have been very busy learning and growing.  We look forward to meeting with parents during upcoming Parent Teacher Conferences to discuss their progress.  We are very excited about our current Project - Single Stream Recycling.  Students are currently researching topics involving Single Stream Recycling including: history, use, common misconceptions, value, advantages and disadvantages.  They have been reading and watching informational videos about recycling centers. We will be having two guest experts visit our classroom during October so the students can add to their notes and continue to explore this topic. 

Sixth Graders had their first Leadership meeting with Mrs. Page.  They began discussing qualities of being a leader and how they will apply this to their growth as a young adult.  They are also working on demonstrating their leadership within the school on a daily basis. 

Congratulations to the Sixth Graders for their presentations to the school community about their trip to Huntsman Marine Biology Camp in New Brunswick, Canada.  



August/September 2018

Middle School students spent four quick days on campus before taking off on their excursion to Marine Biology Camp in Canada!  During our time together we completed an important beginning of the year activity.  Groups rotated through five prompts written on large paper and brainstormed ideas about class expectations, learning and class rules.  From this session, each student wrote a draft of what he or she believes should be our five class rules for the year.  Finally, all ideas were combined to create one list of five rules that we agree to follow this year.  Students showed cooperation and thoughtfulness during this activity.

In Math, students began the year with the Unit 1 pretest to prepare us for learning.  In Reading, students completed book "shopping."  Each student read the back of the book and the first few pages of eight previously selected books.  After reviewing, they ranked the books in order of interest for the year.  This list will contribute to book groups for the year.

We look forward to seeing all families on Curriculum Night which is Thursday, September 13 at 6:00 pm.  Please be sure to follow notifications on Bloomz!


2018-19 is here!

2018-2019 is here!  Welcome to the new school year!  I am very excited for new reading and math adventures with the Fifth and Sixth Graders.   We will begin with a quick four days of learning before you take off for your trip to Canada!  We have an exciting year planned.  Don't forget to bring your summer workbook on the first day of school.  I am looking forward to seeing each of you and hearing all about your summer.   See you soon!


Happy Middle School Summer!

We had a wonderful 2017-18 school year and look forward to a summer filled with adventure and learning.  Don't forget to complete your summer reading and assignments in the Summer Bridge workbooks.  We will see you at the August Back-to-School Picnic!  

Read below for suggestions for books to read this summer:

Fifth Graders 


Sixth Graders

Click below to download the book report form.

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May Update

Middle School students have been working together to prepare for their final Project culmination of the year.  They are excited to share the natural items they have made in the RWS Marketplace.  Each group studied, researched, planned, shopped for ingredients and created their own items to sell.  They amazed us with their cooperation, problem solving skills and dedication to creating quality products.

Congratulations to all Middle School Students for an excellent finish to the school year!

Mrs. Broll


Distinctive Qualities and Leadership