Middle School - Language Arts and Social Studies Updates Archive

Happy Summer!

All Middle School Students put such effort and enthusiasm into finishing Project with a bang this year! They created a Nutrition 'Museum' for students and parents to walk through and learn different things all relating to nutrition. Way to go Fifth and Sixth Grade!



Middle School has begun their latest Writing Project, and the students are very excited about it! We are learning the 3 different methods of persuasion ... Ethos, Logos, & Pathos. Students will choose a method to use for their Persuasive Articles. Topics range from convincing Mrs. Page to have longer recess to changing the school lunch menu!



Welcome back, everybody! 2019 is off to a great start. Middle School has been hard at work preparing for our Project Culmination. The students have been working on the 'Research Phase' of Project, and are now getting ready to present all of the knowlwdge they have learned at Culmination. All parents are welcome to join us on Wednesday, January 23, at 2:00. After culmination is complete, the students will be working on writing a reflection paper on their experience.



We have a busy month ahead of us in December! Middle school is emersed in the Writing Process for our expository pieces. All students chose topics for their 'How To' writing and are working on proofreading and editing their work. This year, we have a wide range of topics ... everything from how to cook a steak to how to go water skiing! The students should publish their work before break! 



Middle School has a busy month! In Social Studies, we are learning about The Declaration of Independence. The students have been enthusiastically asking questions, and are eager to learn about our past! In Language Arts, the students have been hard at work on the beginning stages of The Writing Process, for Expository writing. 


October Update for Middle School Language Arts and Social Studies

Middle School has been quite busy! In Writer's Workshop, all of the students started the writing process for their Personal Narratives. After writing several drafts, students chose which piece they want to "publish." After they publish their writing, they will have the opportunity to share it with the class. I look forward to hearing all of these, and learning about their personal experiences! 



Middle School has been very busy ever since they have returned from their trip to Canada! We have started learning the weekly routines for Spelling and Word Wisdom. We also began our first Chapter in Social Studies; the students will be learning about Ancient American Civilizations. Also, be on the look out for what our first topic for Project will be this year!


Welcome Back!!!

Welcome back to the 2018-2019 school year! My name is Mrs. Guenther, and I am so excited to begin teaching at Rohan Woods. Summer sure did go by fast, but I am ready for school! I look forward to a wonderful year with the 5th and 6th Grade!

Your teacher,

Mrs. Guenther 


May 2018

We had a wonderful 2017-18 school year and look forward to a summer filled with adventure and learning.  Don't forget to complete your summer reading and assignments in the Summer Bridge workbooks.  We will see you at the August Back-to-School Picnic!  

Read below for suggestions for books to read this summer:

Fifth Grade


Sixth Grade

Book Report Form   PDF icon Middle_School_book_report.pdf 

May Update

Last month, we highlighted the great Project Approach work the Middle Schoolers were doing to collaborate and prepare for their RWS Marketplace culmination.  This month, students are also involved in a project of a different kind!  

Middle Schoolers are hard at work researching their assigned historical time period.  Collaborative groups have researched Early American Civilizations, Wars of the Middle Ages, The Renaissance & Reformation, European Colonization & Russian Expansion, and the Modern World & Wars.  With this cross-curricular Language Arts and Social Studies project--which we affectionately refer to as “lowercase-P” project—students will create bulletin boards, timelines, activities and summaries, as well as performing both individual and group presentations.  Students are engaged in their hard work and creating an excellent historical experience for themselves and their classmates!     

Middle Schoolers also had a fantastic opportunity to join in a friendly competition with other independent schools at the ISSL Track Meet hosted by St. Louis Priory School.  Rohan Woods students and students from around the St. Louis area had the benefit of a beautiful day and a time-honored tradition.  Thanks to all who competed!  



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