Fourth Grade Updates Archive

Data and Probability

November was a great month in Fourth Grade!  

Our class has been working hard throughout the year in math, and now we are working on one of their teacher's favorite things to teach: Data and Probability!  In this unit, the students learn how to read and interpret data from tally charts and line plots to find the mean (average), median (middle number), and mode (number that occurs most often) of a set of data.  To find those three things, the students must incorporate other skills they learned before, such as estimation, place value, and division.  

Fourth Grade also learned about stem-and-leaf plots as easy ways to record a set of numbers.  The premise is pretty simple: In the left column, or "stem," students put the number that they see in the tens place.  In the right column, or "leaf," they record the numbers from the ones place.  So, if your number is 52, the 5 is your stem and the 2 is your leaf.  

Lastly, students learn about outcomes and and probability as fractions.  Not only is this great to get them thinking about the likelihood of of something occurring, but it also gets them set up for our next unit, which is all about fractions.  

We're all excited for winter break, but have great mindsets to keep working hard!  Way to go Fourth Grade! 


Novel Engineering

During the month of October, the Fourth Grade began a really cool project called Novel Engineering.  The concept is simple, yet effective.  

The students read a novel (in this case, a wonderful book called Esperanza Rising), then identify problems both big and small that the characters have gone through in the book.  Once the problems are identified, they are given a number of basic supplies and are given free reign to design a solution for the problem their group has selected.  

Halfway through the design process, the students present their creations to me, our Head of School Mrs. Page, and our Science Teacher Mrs. Breckenridge. The three of us listen to what they say, then ask questions to help improve design.  The students then go back and “work out the kinks” through modification and redesign.  

One important aspect of redesign is the vocabulary they use to answer our questions.  We don’t expect them to be able to answer everything about their designs, so rather than saying, “I don’t know,” the students are taught to say, “Let me get back to you on that.”  We do this so that when they get back to their designs, they’re already thinking about what they might do differently instead of what they “don’t know.”  It helps them stay in a positive mindset while they do something that’s pretty new to them.  

We’re starting to identify our problems now.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with!



Studying Our State

In Social Studies, the Fourth Grade at Rohan Woods is studying the State of Missouri.  

We started the year by learning some basic facts about our state (e.g. State Bird, State Tree), which then moved into learning about the geographic regions of Missouri.  Last week, during our study of rivers, the class took a field trip to the National Great Rivers Museum in Alton, Illinois.  It was so much fun.  Our students had a great time completing a scavenger hunt around the museum, finding lots of information about how we rely on rivers, particularly the Missouri and Mississippi in this area, for so many things in our daily lives.  That was followed by a very informative tour of the museum and a nice movie about the Mississippi.  As we were leaving the facility, we were fortunate enough to see two Bald Eagles circling over the parking lot.  They must have known Rohan Woods was there!  Go Eagles!

And We're Back!!!

It's so nice being back at school!  

Everyone had a great summer, but the Fourth Grade is happy to be back with all of our friends at Rohan Woods.  We've all gotten to know each other a little bit better and have started diving into our work.  In our literature class, students have started taking nightly reading notes that help them comprehend our books and stories on a deeper level.  Currently we are reading The BFG, by Roald Dahl.  Each night, the students read a chapter while recording characters, setting, unfamiliar vocabulary, schemas (which is how they connect personal experience and their knowledge of the world to the text), and a nightly chapter summary.  Later in the year, they will add different kinds of figurative language and the main events of their reading passage.  It's certainly a challenge, but one that this group has not shied away from.  We've got a great group of students and I couldn't be happier to work with them!  It's great being back at Rohan Woods!

Fourth Grade Update

Looking ahead to a great year in Fourth Grade!  

At the end of last year, we finished up our year with some incredibly fun field trips.  In early May, we supplemented our State of Missouri curriculum and took a trip to Jefferson City to visit the State Capitol as well as the Jefferson City Museum of Modern Art.  Later in May, the Fourth Grade, along with Mrs. Page, took a camping trip to Onondaga State Park.  The students survived the inclement weather that came through overnight and had a great time exploring the cave system within the park.  What a great month!   And now we are looking ahead to a great 2017-18 year!


Distinctive Qualities and Leadership