Third Grade Updates Archive

May 2018

Thanks for a great year!

Make sure you take time to read and write this summer!

Mrs. Knobbe


The Third Graders have been working so hard this month! They showcased how much they've learned this year by taking the ERB Test. The Second Graders also continued to work on their St. Louis Cardinals Project by generating a list of supplies needed and what they will use them for. The students LOVE the new playground equipment at Rohan Woods!  

Here are some other things the Third Graders worked on this month:

  • Spelling words with suffixes and irregular plurals
  • Writing more daily work in cursive
  • Listening to read aloud stories to increase auditory comprehension
  • Reading to find specific details
  • Creating flashcards to study vocabulary words
  • Using vocabulary words in daily context
  • Changing irregular nouns from singular to plural (f to ves, y to ies, etc...)
  • Telling time to five minutes
  • Distinguishing between a.m. and p.m.
  • Determining elapsed time
  • Counting money
  • Making change

Meaghan Knobbe
Third Grade Teacher

April Update

The Second Graders had a great few weeks in March! They interviewed a Community Expert for our St. Louis Cardinals Project, prepared activities to enjoy with our PK Buddies, and made Glyphs all about themselves! 

​Here are some other things the Third Graders accomplished this month: 

  • Spelling contractions and words with suffixes
  • Writing daily work in cursive
  • Reading with more expression in their voice
  • Listening to stories to enhance auditory comprehension
  • Identifying nouns, verbs, and adjectives in written work
  • Adding details to their writing
  • Counting money
  • Solving two-step word problems
  • Practiced good test taking strategies

Meaghan Knobbe

Third Grade Teacher

March 2018

The Third Graders had a great month of February! We started our new Project about the St. Louis Cardinals, had a visitor from Animal Architects, and celebrated our friendships on Valentine's Day!

Here are some things the Third Graders focused on learning this month:

  • Spelling words with prefixes and suffixes 
  • Writing all lowercase letters in cursive and continued learning of uppercase letters
  • Reading with greater expression in our voice
  • Making flashcards to aid in studying vocabulary words
  • Identifying subjects and predicates
  • Multiplying and dividing up to 10x10
  • Finding key words in word problems to decide which operation to use
  • Solving multi-step word problems
  • Measuring in centimeters, meters, grams, kilograms, and liters
  • Practicing for the ERB test
  • Making a 100-word web for Project about the St. Louis Cardinals
  • Writing a friendly letter inviting a Community Expert into our classroom

Meaghan Knobbe
Third Grade Teacher

February 2018

The Third Graders have been working so hard this second half of the year! The students celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr., stretched their thinking skills with brain teasers, and as always, enjoyed Buddy Time.

Here are some other things the Second Graders worked on this month: 

  • Working with more independence, at their own rates and levels
  • Utilizing skills learned to problem solve
  • Applying spelling skills to daily writing
  • Reading and writing homophones
  • Writing with increased details and interesting words
  • Reading for details
  • Understanding a story's main problem and solution
  • Describing attributes of characters within a story
  • Identifying words with consonant digraphs and blends
  • Multiplying and dividing with basic facts
  • Deciding which operation to use when problem solving
  • Measuring using meters and centimeters

We hope you can join us at Open House on Thursday, February 15th from 9-11 a.m.!


Meaghan Knobbe

Second Grade Teacher

December 2018

Happy New Year! As we are officially half-way through the year, the Second Graders have been working so hard. They visited Schnucks to find accurate prices of various items for their Rohan Woods Shoppers Project. The students did a wonderful job performing at the Rohan Woods Winter Concert, organized a Winter Warmth Drive for children at another school, and finally ended their Rohan Woods Shoppers Project with Culmination. 

Here are some other things the Second Graders have been busy learning:/sites/

  • Adding more adjectives and details to their writing
  • Editing written work for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors
  • Reading orally with greater expression
  • Listening for details to support the main idea of a story
  • Spelling words with schwa and digraphs
  • Solving multiplication and division problems
  • Using fact families to solve word problems
  • Collaborating with their classmates during Project
  • Using teamwork to problem solve
  • Listening to others' ideas and opinions

Meaghan Knobbe

Third Grade Teacher

December 2017

The Third Graders took on more responsibility this month as we entered the second trimester of school. They assisted their Pre-K Buddies in the Library, made Thanksgiving crafts, built words on the Osmo, and collaborated during Project. 

Here are a few other things the Third Graders worked on this month:

  • Writing friendly letters with correct formation
  • Spelling words with consonant digraphs and clusters
  • Reading orally with increased expression
  • Editing work for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors
  • Identifying patterns in short and long vowel words
  • Writing in complete sentences
  • Introducing strokes in cursive writing
  • Practice writing cursive letters that begin with an undercurve
  • Multiplying and dividing by 0, 1, 2, 5, and 10
  • Skip counting up to 120
  • Drawing pictures to help visualize word problems
  • Determining what operation to use when solving complex word problems

Mrs. Meaghan Knobbe

November Class Update

The Third Graders had a fantastic month! We were busy learning about Fire Prevention with the Glendale Fire Department, going to the St. Louis Symphony to hear Athletes in Music, celebrating our amazing Grandparents, supporting our school at our Scholastic Book Fair, and interviewing our Community Expert for Project. 

Here are some other things the Third Graders were busy working on this month:

  • Spelling words with long a, o, e, and i using various spelling patterns
  • Listening to stories to enhance audio comprehension
  • Editing written work for capitalization, punctuation, and subject/verb agreement
  • Writing in complete sentences
  • Adding and subtracting with regrouping, including across zeros
  • Using bar models to solve multi-step word problems
  • Applying problem solving skills to real-life situations
  • Acknowledging others for their random acts of kindness
  • Practicing patience and understanding with our classmates and our Pre-K Buddies

Mrs. Knobbe

October Update

The Second and Third Graders have had a great first month of school! In addition to learning many new things, the First, Second, and Third Graders successfully broke into a Break-Out Box using teamwork, compromise, and listening skills. 

Here are some other things the students have worked on this past month:

  • Understanding and practicing classroom procedures and routines
  • Being role models for our PK Buddies
  • Reading stories to younger students
  • Spelling words according to a pattern
  • Reading stories to find the main idea and supporting details
  • Identifying grammatical errors in writing
  • Writing with greater detail about our Weekends
  • Listening to stories to enhance audio comprehension
  • Adding and subtracting with regrouping
  • Looking for key words in word problems to determine which operation to use

We are looking forward to a great October!

Meaghan Knobbe

Second and Third Grade Teacher


Second and Third Grade September Update

The Second and Third Graders have had an amazing start to the new school year! They've been working on collaborating, compromising, and team building skills to develop a solid foundation for an amazing classroom! They even had a visit from the one-and-only Fredbird to help us kick off a great school year!

Here are some other things the Second and Third Graders have been working on these first few weeks of school:

  • Understanding and practicing classroom procedures
  • Getting to know one another and our new friends 
  • Using Class Dojo to work as a team to earn points for our classroom
  • Setting a great example for our Pre-K Buddies
  • Helping our Buddies pick out and read library books
  • Spelling words that focus on using short and long vowels
  • Writing in complete sentences, using our neatest handwriting
  • Editing work for grammar and punctuation errors
  • Building stamina to read independently for a sustained amount of time
  • Studying place value up to one thousand

I'm looking forward to a great year of learning and fun!

Meaghan Knobbe


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