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Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!  The Junior Kindergarten is off to a wonderful start.  We learning, exploring and playing new things everyday!

The school year has just begun, and JK is busy!  We have explored new centers and focused on morning routines.  The class loves morning calendar and circle time.  During circle we  work on letter recognition, sounds, and name recognition.  The favorite centers this year are house, writing, and lego.  The JK started math centers twice a week with the SK and is doing a fabulous job with all the new math skills.

We played games and went to the library with our Middle School buddies this week. We can't wait to  work with them all year. 

Junior Kindergarten April 2019

I love the Spring in JK.  We spend more time exploring outside and watching the garden from our window.  We think a bird is making a nest outside our window.  We have completed letter formation for letters and were able to practice chalk writing in the beautiful weather.

During math centers, we are focusing on simple addition and subtraction from 0-10.  We have used play dough and tens frames to model both addition and subtraction.  We are also working on identifying and writing numbers from 0-20.  

We continue to work on beginning and ending sounds and using stretch spelling to sound out words.  Our next pre- decodable book is: What Can We Do?

Class Update 1/16/2019

The Junior Kindergarten is enjoying getting back in the school routine!  We are launching a new Project about mail.  The students have shared their stories and experiences about mail.  We are a lot new words about mail and beginning to develop our wonderings about mail.  We are excited for a mail worker to come to our class and help answer our wonderings. 

The JK has added a new new sight words and reading pre-decodable books. We are working with new sight words: this, no, big, and small.  We continue to review and practice all sight words.  If you see these sight words please point them out.

During handwriting we are working on starting corner capitals U,V, and W. 

The JK is doing doing a great to stretch words and listen to all the sounds in the word.

In math we are getting close to our 100th day of school celebration. In preparation we counting by 1's, 5's, and 10's to 100.

The JK built cooperative skills working in teams to build puzzles.

December 4, 2018

The beautiful early snowflakes this year haven't stopped the JK from learning new things. The Junior Kindergarten loves to explore and play during STEAM. We have been learning about and creating our own blueprints.

We continued to add new sight words to our daily practice.  Our current sight words are: a, an, I, the, is, we, he, here, she, and, see.  We are working on letter sounds and identifying the beginning sounds of words.  The JK is listening very carefully to hear the letter sounds in words.  We are also putting words together to make sentences.

In math we are working on ten frames and counting by 10's to 100.  The JK continues to build number sense through dice and counting games.  We are also exploring three dimensional shapes.  

During project we are researching about community helpers using non-fiction books.  The JK had guest experts come in answer questions and nursing, and the coast guard. They did a great job developing and asking questions.

I enjoy listening to all the songs being rehearsed for the upcoming winter concert.


Class Update 11/2/18

Junior Kindergarten had a great time celebrating Halloween!  The Halloween parade with our buddies was so much fun.  The JK also enjoyed Halloween themed math this week.  We used candy corn to show order numbers, make shapes, complete addition problems, and show greater than and less than. 

Project time is one of the favorites for the Juniors.  We are working on researching our topic of community helpers. After compiling a list of community helpers we know we have asked a few to join us in the classroom and answer questions. The JK has been working hard to come up with great questions. 

In Language Arts we are continue to write "frog Jump" letters and are working on N and M, which are both challenging letters to write.

We have additional sight words to our list and continue to read pre-decodable books. Our new words are: here, is, and.


Junior KIndergarten October Update

The Junior Kindergarten has enjoyed our project and math centers time with Senior Kindergarten. During project we are working community helpers.  We have read about all different types of community helpers and created our own communities. 

We have explored both fiction and non fiction books to learn about community helpers. The JK's favorite part was creating there own community stores and making store fronts.

In writing we are currently working on frog jump capitals E, F, D, P, and B.

In Language Arts, we introduced several new sight words:  the, is, a, an, and here.  If you are in the community and see these sight words, ask your JK student to point out the words.  We are also identifying capital and lowercase  letters  A through H.   In addition, we are identifying beginning sounds of words,

The JK is loving playdough and sensory time. We are also working our fine motor skills of tracing and cutting.


Junior Kindergarten 9/7/18

We are off to a great start!  The Junior Kindergarten has done an amazing job adjusting to new routines, playing games, and learning new things.  

In morning circle we are using calendar math to build number sense.  Juniors are counting the days of school using tens frame and can't wait to have a 100th day party.  We creating weather graphs and tally charts to compare numbers.  

Morning centers are focused on Language Arts.  We working on name writing, letter identification, formation, and sounds.  While listening to stories we are building comprehension skills by making predictions and asking questions. 

Math centers are in the afternoon with Senior Kindergarten.  We are focusing on patterns and same/different for the first few weeks of school.

The Juniors are doing amazing job exploring and learning about their new classroom.


Junior Kindergarten 5/1/18

Spring is here and the Junior Kindergarten is designing and building a garden during Project.  We have been working hard researching plants that grow well in our garden, cleaning out the old garden beds, and planting a new garden. The juniors researched plants using non fiction books.  They also drew and recorded what they learned from the books.  The next phase involved having a gardening expert in to answer our questions. We are continuing to work on the garden and can't wait for the beautiful garden to be done.

In Language Arts we are continuing to learn sight words and are working on making predictions. We have been listening and repeating the sequence of events in a story.  

We celebrated Earth Day by reading Michael Recycles and completing the recycle challenge.  Junior Kindergarten's favorite part of Earth Day was our nature walk using all five senses.

The class is loving our author study unit on Eric Carle.  The class read  and completed projects on his books. The class voted and The Hungry Caterpillar was the favorite.  They class has been studying the life cycle of a butterfly and made their own butterfly books and ordered the life cycle.  In math, we completed tally charts and graphs to compare Eric Carle's books.  Students are working on basic addition and subtraction equations using manipulatives to gain number sense.  They are also learning about symmetry and shapes.

Junior Kindergarten 3/6/2018

Junior Kindergarten has added new centers for math and language arts.  The class has enjoyed learning about 2D and 3D shapes.  They described, sorted, and created with spheres, cubes, rectangular prisms, cylinders, and cones.  Calendar math continues to focus on matching, counting strategies, and patterns.

During language arts, JK has started a read and write center for sight words.  Students enjoyed writing and recognizing sight words around the room.  Students continue to add sight words and are reading pre decodable books.  Students are working on matching beginning and ending sounds. 

JK and SK have been working hard during Project. They are researching using books to discover new things about plants and animals in the garden.  After research they recorded new things they have learned. We are preparing for our expert speakers by brainstorming questions to ask.  

Junior Kindergarten 3/5/2018

The Junior Kindergarten celebrated Dr. Seuss's Birthday by reading several books, making green eggs and ham, and creating a craft from the Lorax!  

We wrapped up our unit on the Olympics by participating in our own Olympic games. Juniors studied the countries that participated in the Olympics and created their own flags.  We practiced our math skills by keeping tally charts and making comparisons using the medals earned during the Olympics.  

During Project, the Juniors and Seniors worked in groups to create their own webs that displayed what they would put in a garden. After working in collaborative groups, students practiced their presentation and active listening skills while explaining their webs to other groups.

In Language Arts, Juniors began a new unit about Friendship.  We read a story called Big Al, made predictions, and answered comprehension questions.  We are working on blending sounds and continue to build our sight word vocabulary.   In math we are exploring both 2D and 3D shapes.  Juniors explored 3D shapes and used them to build, stack, and roll. 

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