Early Childhood (EC) Updates Archive

Early Childhood Class Update, 8/30/19

What an incredible start to the school year for the Early Childhood class. Our first few weeks have been focused on getting to know one another, becoming familiar with our daily routine and expectations in the classroom. Everyone is doing a great job learning how to work with and treat classroom materials, how to walk in a line, and express their own ideas and needs to teachers and/or classmates. Students have enjoyed working in our center areas: Blocks, Dramatic Play, Books, Mini-Studio, and Science. The sensory table is also a big favorite among the group, currently with potting soil and gardening tools. Every two weeks something new will go in the sensory table. Students have recently started art projects using paint and chalk, one of the favorites was painting with cotton balls.

After our first week, we moved into learning about our five senses: sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. As students are learning more about the world around them and trying new things at school, their senses continue to develop so it was a perfect theme to focus on. We have done several activities with our senses, such as identifying objects based on just touch, test tasting sweet and salty foods, as well as smelling different scents (cinnamon, rosemary, pumpkin spice, vanilla, lime, and lemon) to determine if students like them or not. Students have also used games such as I-Spy to identify objects at school and home.  

There have been many wonderful first experiences in the EC room and look forward to what the school year will bring. 


End of School, Here Comes Summer!

This has been a special year in the EC room. The EC students have absorbed many new lessons and participated in many new adventures.

The beginning of the year was spent getting to know each other; each EC student brought something personal and special to the class. They learned about colors and shapes and explored mixing colors to make an altered color. The EC students saw all the beautiful changes in fall, they went on nature walks to see the different colors on the leaves and felt how the weather got was changing to colder temperatures. The EC students learned about different holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa , Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and St. Patricks Day. They learned that different people celebrate different holidays and that each holiday has unique customs. The EC students learned about winter and the surprises that come with it. They got to play in the snow, melt ice, and see their breath when they went outside. The EC students talked about rhyming words and different modes of transportation. They learned that words that sound alike rhyme and they learned there are many ways to travel. When spring came the EC students learned about everything that comes with spring; warmer weather, bugs, butterflies, and special days like mother’s day. The end of the year we have spent time reviewing some earlier themes such as colors, shapes, numbers, and letters.

Early Childhood Monthly Update 1/1/19

We had so much fun learning about Christmas and Hanukkah during December.  We spent the first week learning about Hanukkah and the traditions that go along with it.  The students listened to several stories, created Hanukkah artwork, and learned how to play the dreidel game using gold coins.  Our favorite thing that week was playing the dreidel game. It was so much fun that we still have the dreidel on our toy shelf! 

The second week the students learned about Christmas and the traditions that go with it.  Their favorite book was, "That's Not Santa," where Santa loses his red suit and tries on several other outfits but none make him look like Santa.  Luckily,Mrs Claus saves the day and has a new red suit for him. 

The last two weeks were everyones' favorite weeks in December.  We spent them making gingerbread houses and reading gingerbread books.  Each student got to create his/her own gingerbread house.  All were given a plate of candy, a variety of frostings from which to choose, and the freedom to decorate however they wanted. 

The houses were all amazing!!

In January, we will start learning about winter, winter animals, and different winter activities.  Brrrrrrrrrr


Early Childhood Monthly Update 12/1/2018

We were all very thankful for all that we had in November.  We finished our Halloween theme and moved on to a games theme where we spent a week playing different games in the classroom and using different manipulates to count.  After our week of fun games, we started talking about Thanksgiving. 

It was hard to understand the concept of being thankful so we talked about things and people we love and how happy we are that we know the people and have the things.  During our Thanksgiving Theme, we made some great turkeys with our hands and some tissue paper turkeys.  It was a fun theme with colorful art projects. 

After Thanksgiving, we've moved onto our holiday theme.  We started learning about Christmas and different traditions kids have at their house.  Lots of kids have different traditions for Christmas at their house--some friends have lights and a tree, others have a Christmas train that only comes out around Christmas, and some have an elf that watches them and tells Santa about it.  It's so much fun to hear what the kids find important about Christmas at their house.  We will also spend a week learning about Hanukkah before moving onto everyone's favorite theme:    Making gingerbread houses!!!


Early Childhood Monthly Update 11/1/2018

The EC class finished a great Fall theme!  We had so much fun taking nature walks, observing squirrels, talking about the weather, watching leaves fall, and all the other changes that go along with fall.  One of our fun, outside activities was pretending to be a squirrel, finding an acorn, and then burying it and trying to remember where it was the next day.  We did not find any of our acorns we buried, but we had a great time trying! 

The EC class did several fun fall art projects.  They painted a tree trunk on a piece of paper and then put their name together on them in leaves.  Another fun project was our fall colors wreaths.  Everyone loves using glue, and all the students were able to glue the colors wherever they wanted.  It was so much fun! 

After our fall theme wrapped up, we moved to Halloween!  This was a very exciting theme, and everyone had lots to say about it.  They talked about their costumes, candy, and how they were going to say "trick or treat."  We had a class party on Halloween, and we paraded around the school.  It was a great day!  We made some spooky art projects during our Halloween theme; such as, spider hand prints, ghost footprints, haunted houses, and tape mummies.  October was awesome!! 


Early Childhood Monthly Update 10/1/2018

The EC kids have had a wonderful month of colors and shapes.

We spent the first two weeks learning all about colors and reading a book that quickly became everyones favorite, Mouse Paint. The students did several color mixing activities such as mixing paints, mixing playdoh, and mixing colored water using the three primary colors from Mouse Paint, red, blue, and yellow. The students mixed two colors  to make a new secondary color. It was like magic! We also went on several color hunts in the classroom and around the playground. There are so many colors all around us!! After we spent two weeks on colors, we started learning about shapes.

We read a book called, "The Shape of Things" and learned that shapes are everywhere, and you can use shapes to build something such as a house or a train. One fun Friday, we used our bodies to make shapes. It was hard staying still but we made a rectangle, triangle, circle, square, diamond, and a star. The star was really hard because we needed lots of friends. It was so much fun to see the pictures when we finished!

Our next theme is Fall. And just in time, as we are starting to notice leaves and acorns falling off the trees on the playground.


Early Childhood Monthly Update 9/1/18

We have had a great start to the year in the EC room!!  We spent the first few weeks of school getting to know each other and learning the rules and routines of the classroom.  

The EC students all settled into the routine of school quickly.  They have been to all their specials classes and are doing a great job learning to walk in a line or at least stay on one side of the hall as we walk.  The students worked on several art projects the first few weeks of school.  One of the art projects was a poster with their hands and feet on it, everyone had fun getting their hands and feet painted for this project.  There were many giggles as the paintbrush tickled their feet.  We also weighed and measured everyone.  The students had fun seeing who was the tallest, who was the same size as a friend, and who was the smallest.  Once we finished our getting to know you theme, we moved onto learning about colors.  We have done several color changing experiments and the students are enjoying all the different ways we can mix colors such as mixing play doh, mixing paints, changing the color of water and mixing the colored waters, and putting paint on hands and rubbing them together.  It has been a very colorful time in the EC room!


Early Childhood Monthly Update 8/20

Back to school time!!  I am so excited for the new school year to start.  We have so many fun activities planned and lots of fun toys, too!  We'll start the year with a getting-to-know-you theme, it's always so much fun to learn more about the students in the class, and it's fun for them to learn a little about their teachers.  See everyone on your first day!


Early Childhood Summer Update 6/18

This has been a special year in the EC room. The EC students have learned many new lessons and participated in many new adventures.  They made new friends and played new games.  It was a great year full of learning, laughing, cooking, games, friends, music, spanish, and lots more!!  The year wrapped up with a super fun field day!!

This has been an amazing year for the Early childhood classroom at Rohan Woods School! Each EC student has grown so much, it’s hard to let them go. Their first step at Rohan Woods has been a huge success and seeing how far they will soar will continue to be a pleasure. Have a relaxing, wonderful, adventure filled, peaceful summer.

Early Childhood Monthly Update 5/1

What happens when Humpty Dumpty falls and there are first grade buddies and EC students around to help?

They put him back together again with a little bit of team work!  We spent April learning about the new activities in our classroom, nursery rhymes, and how plants grow.  There are many new  fine motor activities in the classroom for the students to work on.  One new favorite is bracelet making; students work very hard to string beads on a pipecleaner and, when they are finished, a teacher turns their work into a bracelet!  After a week of getting used to all the new activities, new house area items and new school area, we were ready to get to work. 

The EC students spent two weeks learning about rhyming and nursery rhymes.  We started with Humpty Dumpty.  The students enjoyed acting the nursery rhyme out before getting to make their own Humpty Dumpty with their buddies.  They did a great job of building him but then he went and sat on a wall and fell off and the EC students had to put Humpty back together again! It was lots of fun and the students did a great job with it!  Next, the students learned Hickory Dickory Doc and worked on their sewing skills by stitching together mice made of foam paper; it was lots of fun and they did great with it!  We finished our nursery rhymes with Hey Diddle Diddle and built a cow jumping over the moon.  All the students were given glue and got to use their muscles to squeeze the glue to build their cow.  They did a great job!  Since spring weather finally decided to come, we are now learning about seeds, plants, and how things grow.  We are all so happy for warmer weather!!


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