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May 26, 2020

I hope that everyone in the Rohan Woods community has been healthy and safe during the past few months.  I want to commend the faculty and staff for their service during this time.   They worked harder than ever, committing their time and expertise in ways never imagined.  The school is incredibly lucky to have our dedicated faculty and staff, and I am immensely grateful for their tenacity as we faced and managed through unpredictable days and months.  I  commend our teachers for their abilities and willingness to support parents and students while personally sustaining their own families. Through all the hardships faced, one thing is evident; we have faculty and staff that are nimble and embrace change. 

This spring we discovered that our Rohan Woods School Community is ready for anything.  We have faculty that can capably deliver quality virtual instruction and parents who stepped up to the plate to create successful, in-home learning environments.  Our students were committed to continuing their education, even if it was at home and through virtual instruction.  Together we can accomplish and capitalize on great learning opportunities for our students. 

I want to personally thank everyone, faculty, staff, parents and students, for your commitment to the school and our program.  You are all  important beacons of light for each other and our students. To quote Eleanor Roosevelt, "With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts." Mrs. Roosevelt’s words are quite meaningful as we move forward to prepare for next year.

Thank you to our community of heroes, for wholeheartedly supporting our school community.  You are greatly appreciated.



Sam Templin-Page
Head of School

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