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August 12, 2019

For more than 82 years, children throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area have enjoyed and benefited from a Rohan Woods education. Generation after generation, families discover that Rohan Woods is most certainly an exceptional place. In conversation, visitors often ask about our school’s distinctive qualities and what differentiates us from others.

Project Approach is threaded throughout our entire program at Rohan Woods. This methodology provides a platform for application of learned concepts in real time while problem solving and communicating with peers – not just on tests. Our students are engaged learners who seek avenues for creativity and collaboration through Project Approach.

Our small classes and community afford our students opportunities to take risks and try different experiences. They are well rounded children who engage with various age levels, learning about perspective and patience.

I’d like to welcome to all our students and their families to the new school year. This will be an exciting year filled with learning, engagement, and successes. I have heard, time and time again, that one truly doesn’t “get” the Rohan Woods experience until you step inside our doors. Welcome to the Rohan Woods community for an experience that will impact your life.

Sam Templin-Page
Head of School

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