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September 8, 2017

We offer Curriculum Night each year to give parents the opportunity to learn about the expectations and benchmarks that coincide with the new academic year.  It’s an opportunity for parents to sit in a classroom and envelope themselves in the world in which their child resides each and every day.  It’s also a time to reflect on current curricular skills and the road that is taken to help each student grow academically, socially and emotionally.

As part of the program last evening, I presented statistics that you will find interesting.  We had 25 news students join us this fall - the largest number of new enrollees since 2012.   Our new enrollment increased by 40% over 2016/2017 and by 48% the previous year. Additionally, we experienced 100% retention of our matriculating Fifth Graders which last occurred in 2012. I attribute our successes to our stellar strategic social media marketing plan and our unique Middle School program, both of which have added a new dimension to our school.

Also during my presentation, I reviewed the Rohan Woods Strategic Plan which focused on four aspects:

• Project Approach and the growth of STEAM education

• Enhancing the physical plant

• Attracting and retaining outstanding teachers

• Solidifying a sustainable future for the school

With the incorporation of Project Approach, it is important to recognize and embrace  all that our new instructional model has to offer.  Project Approach will allow us to prepare our children for a world of which we don’t know.  It’s a platform for discovery, research and public speaking on student centered topics of interest.  To learn more, please watch for the four-part series on Project Approach through the Rohan Woods blog during the coming weeks.

We had excellent attendance at Curriculum Night with 70% of families in attendance. Many parents contacted us that due to scheduling conflicts, they would not be able to join us. If you couldn’t make it to last night’s presentation, or you did and want more detail, please contact me directly. I am excited to share our vision set on student success and growth.




Sam Templin-Page
Head of School

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Hi Rohan Woods School Parents!

It was so wonderful to see all the returning families and meet the new families at the Back-to-School picnic on Sunday.  I like that our community seamlessly includes and welcomes new families to Rohan Woods School.  

As I reflect on this past year, I am astounded by the remarkable deeds and support the fathers of our student body provided.  Countless hours of engagement came from the fathers who love and support their children.