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So Proud of our Community

December 20, 2019

Yesterday an alumni parent arrived to transport our food donations to Moonlight’s Meals, a food pantry in Parkway School District.  Our Middle School students eagerly loaded boxes onto flatbeds and awaited instructions on how to best execute packing the cans and boxes of food into her van.  Of course, we stopped for a photo opportunity – how could we not capture this moment?

As I watched the children lean toward each other to be a part of the image, I noticed they were wearing their pride very openly.  There were quiet comments on how families were going to be able to eat, and they were a part of it.  I noticed the alumni parent with tears in her eyes, thanking them repeatedly for their efforts.

I am so proud of our community.  Collectively, we made a difference for children less than 10 miles from our school.  Thank you for being such strong roles models for your children, teaching them the importance of community service and empathy.  This is who we are as a community.

I want to wish you a wonderful winter break and a happy holiday season.  I look forward to 2020 and all that it will bring for our children and our school.




Sam Templin-Page
Head of School

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