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November 15, 2019

I had the pleasure of attending the ISACS Conference in Louisville, Kentucky last week. The conference, New Ways of Doing School, was centered around innovative teaching and preparing our children for a future that we can’t yet envision. At the conference, Carly Coleman and I presented to educators on Project Approach, which was well received and well attended.

A highlight from the two day conference was a session on Future Ready Schools presented by Dr. Peter Dry, Dean of Innovation and Academics at Principia School here in St. Louis. Peter shared several thoughts that resonated with me on how best to reach and teach our children and community.

  • To be future ready, we must be active in community service. 
  • Children need to do the work that big people do.  
  • Engagement increases with authentic experiences.  
  • We need to teach our kids about empathy.  

As a community we again have an opportunity to practice these four pillars. I was contacted by Amy Munroe, a former parent and trustee, who manages the food pantry at Craig Elementary in Parkway School District. Moonlight’s Meals’ mission is to provide nutritious meals for families; they take pride in feeding at least 28 families each week who attend the school. Last year, Rohan Woods collected an enormous amount of food for Moonlight’s Meals. Mrs. Munroe was so grateful for our help in feeding so many of her students and families.

We will partner with Moonlight’s Meals again this year. From November 18 to December 13, please bring your donated food items to school. A list of preferred food was emailed to you. To make this meaningful and impactful, take your children to the grocery store and ask them to choose the food to donate. Have them carry it to the car, and then bring it to school. Remember, community service, doing what big people do, engaging in authentic experiences and teaching your child about empathy are important components to being ready for the future. We thank you for partnering with us to feed the hungry and in helping to reach and teach your children.

Sam Templin-Page
Head of School

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