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Head of School for the Day - Rohan Woods School is Awesome!

May 15, 2018

Rohan Woods School is awesome!  The kids are kind to me and very, very nice.  They don’t argue, and they don’t argue with teachers.  The teachers are super nice!!!  My favorite teachers are Mr. Rowe and Mrs. Knobbe.  The teachers also do a good job of helping us with our homework.  And the kids have good leadership.  We have Project which is about the St. Louis Cardinals that help us build our leadership skills.

Cyrus – Second Grade
Head of School for the Day
May 11, 2018

Head of School for the Day

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Professional development is a huge part of the Rohan Woods experience.  Faculty and staff take part in hundreds of hours of professional development each year.  Some opportunities center around curriculum instruction and methodologies, while others focus on developing the whole child. 

As I approached the Great Hall, I heard a low buzzing sound punctuated with laughter now and then.  Upon looking up, I saw our twenty Middle School students sprinkled at tables throughout the cafeteria.  When I looked more closely, I noticed our Junior Kindergarteners – all thirteen of them inter

I noticed a trend lately.  The topic of children and sleep has bubbled to the surface in print, social media and recent conversations with parents.  I’m not sure, if as a society, we are more aware of the benefits of sleep or if this is by chance.  After reading articles and research, one thing i