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Upcoming Events

January 21  Martin Luther King Holiday/No School/No Childcare

January 15  5th/6th Floor Hockey at Saul Mirowitz, 3:45pm

January 25  Conferences/No School/Child Care Available (Must RSVP with Michelle Dixon)

January 29  5th/6th Floor Hockey vs. Saul Mirowitz at RWS, 4:15pm

February 1  Fathers' Breakfast, 7:30am

February 2  5th/6th Floor Hockey Tournament at RWS, 8:00am-2:30pm

February 6  2pm Early Dismissal

February 18  Presidents' Day/No School/No Childcare

February 22  Report Card Writing Day/No School/Childcare Available

February 23  5th/6th Basketball Tournament at Chesterfield Day School, 9:00am-1:00pm

February 28  5th/6th Basketball Game at Saul Mirowitz, 4:15pm

Monthly Menu and Calendar

And the Monthly Menu has a link on the Online Calendar.  Check the First and 15th of the month.

January Lunch Menu


P.A. News

Officers for 2018-2019

President     Jamie Davidson
Vice-Pres     Kristen Rhodes
Treasurer     John Noddings
Secretary     Karla Elliot


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