Welcome From Our Head of School

For more than 78 years, children throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area have enjoyed and benefited from a Rohan Woods education.

Generation after generation, families discover that Rohan Woods is most certainly a special place. Visitors often ask about our school’s distinctive qualities and three main points top our list.

Each child is challenged by unique academic experiences at Rohan Woods. On a daily basis, focus is placed upon encouraging students to discover and uncover knowledge and learn skills to carry them into secondary school and beyond.

We have one central theme as we open our doors each morning; children are the heart of our school and all that we do. While strong academics are essential, so too are strong minds equipped with the tools to make the right decisions and, with support, to make a purposeful leap of faith. Each of us plays a vital role in preparing them for life and encouraging them to take the necessary risks that lead to growth and fulfilling their leadership role in our community.

At Rohan Woods, we welcome the spirit of independence and join our families in proudly celebrating the joy of knowing that we are their home. We are a place where every child’s independence is celebrated, not extinguished, and where people are proud in spirit yet humble in action. We are not just another independent school. We like to think that Rohan Woods is St. Louis’ “Independence School.”

Thank you for visiting our website today. The premise behind our site is to share with you a bit more about our school, our core values and the true sense of community that our families enjoy. We have heard, time and time again, that one truly doesn’t “get” the Rohan Woods experience until they step inside our doors. I invite you to visit Rohan Woods School to learn how your child can discover the leader within.

Best regards,

Sam Templin-Page
Head of School

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