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Our 2018 graduates will continue the strong legacy of acceptances

April 9, 2018

The secondary school process is an important one in an independent, elementary school.  We are blessed in St. Louis to have numerous school choices, but the sheer number can be a bit overwhelming.  We have a secondary school placement team at Rohan Woods, comprised of myself and our two middle school teachers, who share information about schools of interest and guide parents through the timetable of selection.

I’m often asked about the schools to which our students matriculate.  It’s not an easy answer, as our students attend a number of schools – the ethos of the environment often outweighs the academics.  No matter the school, our families know that their children will be challenged, but they also want to know that their children have an opportunity to become invested in the community and apply the leadership skills they’ve worked so diligently to develop. 

This year our Sixth Graders submitted 20 applications to area independent schools and received a stellar response.  Our students received admissions offers from Chaminade, Crossroads, John Burroughs, MICDS, Priory, Thomas Jefferson, Visitation Academy and Whitfield.

Our 2018 graduates will continue the strong legacy of acceptances at the following first choice schools: Chaminade, John Burroughs, Thomas Jefferson, Visitation Academy and Whitfield.

Your Rohan Woods family is so very proud of your accomplishments!

With pride,


Sam Templin-Page
Head of School

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